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Artist Statement:

I have always been interested in the implications of a person's actions and the power of communication. As early as I can remember, I have been a listener - entranced by the spoken word and possible hidden meanings. I have also been an observer- attempting to remember details and deciphering behaviors that reveal much about our nature and often speak louder than words.

My art is made up of a series of works related to how we express ourselves, and how our expressions relate to and effect our lives. Sometimes, my artwork deals with beliefs or customs that are not my own, requiring me to do research or work with friends or acquaintances. This kind of work is exciting and further emphasizes why communication is such a central theme in my work.

Encaustic art is my chosen medium to explore these ideas. Painting with hot colored wax allows me to create work that is both interpretive and literal. The luminous layers of encaustic wax are representational of my themes in which I place recognizable objects, vigorous lines, shapes, blankets of color, and written words. My encaustic paintings are both beautiful and meaningful.